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Product Name: Fingerprint Access Control with Time attendance
Brand: ZEBRA
Model: F5
Origin: Taiwan


  • Network access control / Time attendance
  • 1000 FP users, 1000 card users, 1000 PIN users
  • 100,000 event buffers
  • Wiegand 26bits input & output
  • Connect to PC via RS486, USB or TCP/IP


User Capacity 3000
Fingerprint 1000
Card 1000
PIN 1000
Operation Voltage +12V
Access Mode: Fingerprint ,Card, PIN, Fingerprint & Card, Fingerprint & PIN
Fingerprint Reader Optical Fingerprint Module
Resolution 500DPI
Identification time <1S
FAR <0.0001%
FRR <0.01%
Proximity Card Reader Industry Standard 26 bits
Radio Technology 125KHz Industry Proximity EM Card
Read Range 2~7 cm
PIN Reader 1~8 digits PIN
Wiring Connections Relay Output, Exit Button, DOTL, Alarm, Wiegand output,Wiegand Input, Door Bell
Communication USB?RS485?TCP/IP
USB for downloading/uploading
Relay One (NO, NC, Common)
Adjustable Relay Output Time 1-99 Seconds (5 seconds default)
Lock Output Load 2 Amp Maximum
Alarm Output Load 5 Amp Maximum
Wiegand Interface Wiegand 26 bits Input & Output
Environment Indoor
Operating Temperature -20oC~+50oC
Operating Humidity 20%RH-90%RH
Physical ABS Enclosure
Dimensions F5 – L140 x W105 x D35.0 (mm)
Unit Weight 300g
Shipping Weight 500g

System Diagram:

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