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Product Name: Fingerprint Access Control Reader
Brand: HIP
Model: C21
Origin: Thailand

Technical Specification:

  • Screen(Byte)                           NO
  • Resolution                               NO
  • Fingerprint Capacity                NO
  • Record  Capacity                     NO
  • Identification Time                  <=1s
  • Identification Mode                 NO
  • Authentication  Mode             1:1, 2:N
  • Communication Protocols       RS485    WG  26/34
  • Smart Card                              ID Card
  • Other Function                        Anti Passback connect with ci210-c
  • Operating  Environment          Operating  Temp: 0C-50C. Humidity:80%
  • Voltage range                         100V~240V
  • Voltage range Thailand           220V~240V
  • Power                                      DC12V 1A
  • Language                                NO
  • Size of the Terminal                 *138(I)*89(w)*40(H)mm*
  • Optional Features                    Mifare Card (Option)
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