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Product Name: Fingerprint With RFID Card Time Attendance
Brand: HIP
Model: CM i 800
Origin: Thailand


  • CMI800 is fingerprint time attendance
  • It support 5,000 capacity of fingerprint or password or RFID card and 100,000 records.
  • The reader of CMI800 is Optical CMOS which is stable and fast. No need to change polymer because it will not scratch of broken.
  • The identification speed is less than 1 second which is verify by fingerprint, password and RFID card. It can verifisy by 1:1 or 1: N.
  • CMI800 is communication by TCP/IP, USB Flash disk, U-disk. It is very convenience to install device because standalone system can working itself with out any connection.
  • T9 input system is very convenience for admin to operate system directly at device as input the name of user and other information.
  • Alarm function will working to warn when the record is nearly full.
  • The system is need power DC12V 1A to operate it.
  • CMI800 is support English, Thai and Chinese. Moreover, software management system is include with device.

Technical Specification:

Model CMI800
Screen “3.5inch figura, TFT high-definition graphical intertaces (320*240)
Finger Print Reader: “High rigidity optical Fingerprint device (500DPI)
Operating System: Linux
Rotational Angel: Total Rotational Angel
FRR: < 0.1 percent
FAR: < 0.0001 percent
Identification speed: 0.5-1 sec
Query Record Function: Available
Intelligent learning: Available
Identification: 1:N or 1:1
Identification Mode: Fingerprint, Code, Card(Optional)
Fingerprint Capacity: “5,000 Fingerprints(10,000-30,000 Available For Choosing)”
Record Capacity: 100,000 records
Communication: USB Flash, TCP/IP
DHCP: Unavailable
U Disk Up/Download: Available
Language: Thailand, English
T9: Available
Navigation Key: Up/Down/Left/Right
Function Key: 8 Self-defining Keys
Operating V/A: DC 12V/1A
Operating Environment: Temperature:0-50, RH:80%
Size: 190*140*37mm
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