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Product Name: Mini High Speed Dome Camera
Model: GA-MH30A
Product Features:
* OSD English menu
* Day & night function   
* Support direction indication   
* 256 presets, accuracy: ±0.05°  
* Programmable cruise and presets   
* Proportional pan/tilt speed, auto flip  
* Pelco D / Pelco P, special protocols available   
* Soft address enables to set up the address and number of the camera


 Model  Mini High Speed Dome Camera GA-MH30A       
 Power Supply  DC12V 2A 50Hz/60Hz        
 Pan Speed  360°/sec        
 Tilt Speed  180°/sec        
 PanRange  360° Continuous          
 TiltRange  180° auto flip              
 Preset  256        
 Preset Accuracy  ±0.05°          
 Communication  RS485           
 Baud Rate  2400bps,4800bps,9600bps, 19200bps         
 Protocol  Pelco-P/D, special protocols available         
 Address  1~255           
 Scan  tour, cruise, pattern, 360° continuous scan, 360° intermittent scan, auto scan          
 Work Temperature  -40°C~+60°C       
 Work Humidity  <90%            
 Zoom Camera  10X optical zoom, 480/ 650TVL;SAMSUNG:10X optical zoom, 10X digital zoom, 500TVL


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