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Product Name: Time and access Control - F710
Face ID is industry first embedded facial recognition system with leading “Dual Sensor™” Facial Recognition Algorithm, which designed for application like physical access control and time attendance, identity management and so on.

Features :

Embedded facial recognition system :
• Adopt US advanced DSP technology keeps processing and matching right on the device
• Standalone application as time attendance. Access control, user identification

Accurate and Fast Identification :
• Industrial Leading “Dual Sensor™” Facial Recognition Algorithm, FAR<0.0001%
• 1:Many up to 1400 users less than 1 second

High Usability and Security :
• Failure to enroll and acquire rate is less than 0.0001%
• ncident trackable for security with photo

Large user and log capacity :
• User capacity from 500 to 1400
• Over 150,000 logs and optional image capacity over 70,000

Reliable performance under different environments :
• Different source-light Technology
• The system can work in different light condition even in the dark
• Over one year Chinese market testing

Flexible I/O interfaces :
• Internet Protocol based enables LAN or Network deployment
• USB Host for User data upload or download via USB flash driver
• Wiegand output makes system compatible with different access control panel

User friendly design :
• 3.5 inch color screen for face positioning
• contactless authentication for the ultimate in hygienic
• voice prompt

Other Functionalities :
• Multi authentication methods that able to work with Facial, RFID Cards, Cards+Facial
• Low power consumption,12Watts in operation, less than 5Watts in resting mode


Technical Specifications :

Processor TI DM CPU 600MHz
User Capacity 500 Users
Record Capacity 150,000 Access Control Records
Recognition Algorithm Dual Sensor™ V2.0
Sensor Specialized double sensor
Verification Method Facial Recognition, Card & Facial Recognition
Verification Speed Less than 1 Second(500 Users)
Keyboard 4*4 Touch Keypad
LCD 3.5 inch TFT Color Screen, 65,000 Bright Color, 320*240 Resolution
Communication Method Standard TCP/IP, USB Host
Power 12V DC, Working Current 500 mA
Environment Light 0-5000Lux
Working Distance 30-80cm
Working Temperature 0oC-40oC
Working Humidity 20% - 80%
Size 200* 95* 115 mm
Weight 505g
Installation Method Wall Mounting
Security Image Capacity 4GB SD Card, 70,000 images
Card Recognition EM or Mifare card
Security Alarm Tamper Alarm
Output for Access Control System Standard Wiegand 26/34 output?Built-in relay
Certification CE FCC Class A ROHS

System Configuration :

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