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Product Name: Fingerprint Access Control with Time attendance
Brand: HIP
Model: C806
Origin: Thailand


* Fingerprint Access Control System and Time Attendance is a high technical product which adopts the
  world's leading multi-dimensional fingerprint algorithms PTFINGER.

* Strictly follow the national security product standard, suitable for the entrances and exits of apartment,
  Multi-family houses, office, factory, hotel, school etc.

* USB+RS485+TCP/IP communication.

* Anti-dismantlement alarm, threatens alarm, unlocking illegally alarm, not block alarm are available.

* Recognized:Fingerprint,card,password,fingerprint+Card,fingerprint+password,card+Password, fingerprint
  +card +password.

* With software and easy operation.


Technical Specifications

Model C806
LCD Resolution 128*64
Fingerprint Sensor Resolution 500DPI
Rotational Angle Total Rotational Angle
FRR ≤0.1%
FAR ≤0.0001%
Identification Time ≤0.1 S
Query Record Available
Real Time Fingerprint Picture Display Available
Operating Mode Off-line/On-line
Authentication Mode 1:1 1:N
Identification Mode Fingerprint/ID Card/Password
Fingerprint Capacity 2,000
Log Capacity 50,000 events
Communication TCP/IP,  RS485
U disk up/download Available
Language Chinese, English, Korean
Voice prompt Available
Capacity notification Alarm when log capacity is full
Bell Built-in timing bell
Lock Output Normal Open / Normal Closed
Door Open Button Can connect the common button, or the wireless remote controlled button
Doorbell Output Can connect the doorbell in every voltages
Access Control Interface Wiegand 26/34 Optional, Input/ Output Optional
Anti-passback Available
Alarm Threatens Alarm, Anti-dismantlement Alarm, Unlock Illegally Alarm, 
 Circumscribed Alarm, Time-out Alarm
Power DC 12V/1A
Operating environment Operating Temp: 0?-50?, Humidity:80%
Size of the Terminal 181(L)*91(W)*36(H)mm


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